Dear random person reading my blog,

So, this is my first post. Well…if you follow this blog most of what you will be reading is probably English related since that is what this blog was created for. I’m sorry. Anyway, we will see if I keep this up after I have finished the class or if I just completely forget that I have this since it will no longer be mandatory that I post on here. Once again I will apologize that most of what I write will probably just be me ranting or other random thing that most likely will only make sense to me. Also, I will probably make several references to random things I like, like hedgehogs, Doctor Who, video games, and random book references. So if you don’t like any of those thing oh well, you don’t have to read my blog.


iratus erinacius

P.S. The hedgehog in the picture is my hedgehog and I will probably end up posting a lot about her as well…sorry, I don’t have a life.


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