Writing Life…

Most of what I write is for school, even this blog was started for school. I do write a fair amount outside of school. Like any normal teenager I send text messages, and since I’ll be attending college soon I’ve been sending several emails for recommendation letters. Even though I have an email account (well, technically I have 3 now) I still like to write letters to people. I try sending letters to some of my overseas friends but instead of sending back a letter they just send me an email. I don’t really like communicating with people through texts or emails because it seems rather impersonal. I love hand writing letters because it requires more effort and shows that someone took the time out of their day to sit down and write you a letter as opposed to just pulling out their phone and typing a quick email or text.

I also keep a journal for the benefit of my own mental health. I started my journal my sophomore year when I was going through a mild depression. But after I got better I started using it to manage my stress as well. I’m a rather private person, so I don’t like talking about what’s bothering me so a journal was a perfect solution. I can vent my feelings into it and no one has to read it unless I want them to. I think that’s one of my favorite things about writing, I can use it as a form of self therapy.


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