All the World’s a Stage…

As I was scrolling through Zen Pencils’ comics I came across All the world’s a stage and thought I’d stop and read it since it’s Shakespeare, and who can pass up Shakespeare? I’ve read these lines of Shakespeare before and they’ve never really meant anything to me. I mean, Shakespeare isn’t exactly the easiest thing to read and understand, just ask any other high school-er. However, as I was looking at the illustrations that went along with the words I think I actually understood at least some of what Shakespeare was writing.

In this world everyone has a part, and over time our parts evolve to take on new roles. But that’s just what the words tell. With Zen Pencils’ drawings you can see how: the boy grows into a man and how his life intertwines with other, how he then raises a daughter and helps his community and holds his grandchild, and eventually, dies. Although we are each acting out our own plays, our own stories, they connect with others to created one giant, interlocking play that is continuously performed on the world’s stage.


2 thoughts on “All the World’s a Stage…

  1. I thought this post was somewhat entertaining. I thought that your inclusion of how other students react to Shakespeare was unique; it really made a connection between you and an average Joe reading it. I thought that it helpful that you included the premise of the cartoon into the explanation. Doing so made the main idea, that we’re each important in some way, clearer.


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