Politely Opinionated

So, first I went to excessivelycaffeinated’s blog simply because the name is awesome. I read through several of their posts and then scrolled back up to the day the bomb dropped. First off, having a birthday that corresponds with the day the first atomic bomb was tested is pretty neat. Secondly, having a family member that actually witnessed it while just sitting on their back porch drinking coffee is amazing. Also, it’s kind of funny how their uncle sold pieces of glass that were created from the blast in his shop.

Secondly I went to ohlookatthatanotherblog. Other than Indiana Jones (yes I know it’s fake and that most of the “artifacts” he finds are legends, too bad I still like it) I personally have never been all that interested in archaeology. However, I decided to stop and read their Current Events post because it had weird puns about ocean currents (I know I’m a sucker for corny puns, get over it). Okay, so apparently on September 7th there was an announcement about the discovery of a structure (Durington Walls or “Super-henge”) that is 15 times the size of Stonehenge. While scientists aren’t sure how old it is exactly, it was discovered by a settlement that is dated at 4,500 years old, so they’re saying it’s approximately that old until they get any further information on it. Also, there were fossils found in the Rising Star Cave (in South Africa) that reveled one of our long lost cousins, the Homo Naledi. So far the Homo Sapiens were the only Homos known to do something with their dead; with the discovery of the Homo Naledi fossils however, it appears we are no longer the only ones.

Last but not least I visited Rubbish Semantics’ blog. I love to read how other people feel about writing, and I think I get some of what they were saying. First off when I write, half my letters end up in cursive and half are in normal print as well, so I’m kind of glad that there’s someone else out there that can’t figure out what font to write in either. Okay, so I have always wished I was good at writing stories and coming up with interesting characters. I love that they like to write stories, it’s something more people should try.


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