Masks: Not Just For Superheroes

Okay, so everyone, unless they’ve never read a word of poetry, has a favorite poem. This one just so happens to be mine. First off I’ll give you a bit of back story. The first time I read this poem was in my freshmen year of high school as an English assignment. Granted I got to pick the poems I read, but still, just the word -assignment- makes anything painful. However, after reading through probably 30 different poems, I narrowed my list down to 10 for that dumb project, but this one, this poem was my favorite out of all of them. Why you ask? Well, thanks for asking imaginary reader. This poem is my favorite because I do exactly as it says. If you know who I am, and most likely you don’t or you think you do but you only know what I let you know (p.s. I like to hide things from people), then you know that I hide my emotions from people. As the Marines like to say pain is a weakness leaving the body.

I know it’s a bad thing to say, but emotions have always been a weakness for me, either I hide them and hurt someone I care about because I don’t express like I should, or I show them and someone hurts me instead. So, how do you fix this problem? Thanks for asking another great question imaginary reader. Well, I lie, or rather as this poem says, I wear a mask. I hide what my pain behind a smile. My anger shrouded in sarcasm. My despair masked by jokes. I read this poem and knew, this is exactly what I do, exactly how I act. I like to watch people (creepy right? Sorry, but it’s a hobby of mine) when they think no one else sees them. All you have to do is sit and watch. When people talk with their friends they’ll smile and laugh, but when they look away, when they think they’re by themselves? Do they smile? Or do they sigh to themselves? Though you may not mean to, we all wake up in the morning and put on our masks. We all hide how we feel for one reason or another, we all wear the mask.

[I got the image from all powerful Google, thought it looked better than just putting the poem.]


2 thoughts on “Masks: Not Just For Superheroes

  1. In certainly wouldn’t consider myself (Your imaginary reader!) a poetry fanatic, but I really liked “We Wear The Mask” by Paul Dunbar. Just about your entire second paragraph reminded me of myself; people watching was the main exception. Now that I think about it, very few people are completely genuine with their emotions all the time. This, of course, would not always be a bad thing; however, it does have some serious disadvantages when trying to relate with other people. Great Job on your blog! It is way more interesting/engaging than mine.


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