Month: November 2015

How To Spend The Weekend: According To Sayuri

It’s Friday night, the start of the weekend, but you don’t know what to do. Well, I (Sayuri) am here to save the day (or night, or both). I have hacked my owner’s blog for the day just to give you some tips.

P.S. All you people are spending your weekends wrong.

Start by finding a nice shady spot to just sit down and relax.
Then, grab some buddies. If you don’t have any friends available, stuffed animals will work. (Human interjection, I’m not telling her that her friends aren’t real, I can’t bring myself to.)
Once you’ve got your entourage, head out to the movies; or gather your friends at someones house and watch some movies.
Once you get back home, it’s time for a bath. If you’re a hedgehog however, you’ll just stare at your human wonder how they could be so cruel as to put you in water. Oh the humanity!
Sit and dry off for about an hour, if you’re feeling tired this is the ideal time for a nap.
As revenge for the bath, start eating anything your human doesn’t want you to, like this grocery bag. It carries food so it must be edible, right?
Get some exercise at some point. Toilet paper tubes make for a fun hour of fun, especially when you can’t see where you’re going and just keep running into things.
If you’re gonna stay up late you’ll need some caffeine, or if you’re waking up early Saturday morning it works too. I on the other hand find waking at all to be a form of torture. After all, who doesn’t need like 23 hours of sleep after running in a circle for an hour?
Read the paper, or pretend to. Or you can just do what I do and prevent other people from reading it.
Try and refuse to put up with your human’s shenanigans.
But if your human is anything like mine, just give up and put up with her. If you do you’ll get a treat.
Finally, just sleep. Sleep is your best friend. Sleep is the greatest thing you can do over the weekend.
Hopefully these tips helped. Have a great weekend!  Signing off now.





Fruitful or Futile?

Advice: good, bad, asked or not. Regardless of the circumstances, we’ve all either given or received advice. Now, I shall bequeath to you some advice I have received in my ever-so-many years spent on this planet.

Since people like to start off with the good, I’m gonna do just that. So, while trying to pick what piece of advice would be worthy of sharing with all you lovely people that somehow found my blog, I  decided going through old yearbooks would be a good idea. (First off, no, going through old yearbooks is almost always either bad or boring, or both) As fate would have it I picked my 8th grade yearbook. Now, this would mean nothing to you except for me, 8th grade is when I met someone who would become my best friend so…sorry, but it’s important to me. Okay, back on topic, in the back where everyone signs their name is where I found my first piece of advice I shall bestow onto you; and no, it was not written by a teacher. “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” Now I know that’s something other people, or everyone, has heard but that was given to me by an 8th grader (so like a 13 year old). But this is true, isn’t it? People don’t realize what they have until it’s gone. We get use to just having things around us that when they are actually gone (not just not around, physically, tangibly gone) we finally understand what it is that we’ve lost. I never realized how much I relied on my best friend, the person that gave me this advice, until I almost lost them from my own stupidity. It’s sad that it takes losing or almost losing someone to realize how important they are to you.

Now we will switch gears to the worst advice I’ve ever received. This one sadly has to do with a boy; although, the advice is not from that boy, it’s someone who is one of my friends. I don’t want to sound like a stupid teenage girl, but I kinda have to for this bit. When I broke up with my boyfriend, my best friend, I was upset. I couldn’t sleep or eat, it hurt to just get out of bed. What made it worse was that I didn’t have anyone to talk to because the person who always helped me through this was gone, and it was because I pushed him away. So I turned to one of my friends, who happened to also be friends with the boy. I shared everything, which I rarely do. She just kinda looked at me dumbfounded, and told me that I needed to think of him, that I was not allowed to be upset because I was the one that ended it and that since he was my best friend I needed to make sure I was there for him. Okay, first off I know I hurt him, thanks for reminding me of that. But I don’t have the right to be upset? Excuse me, when a relationship ends it doesn’t just shatter the romantics, it breaks the friendship. I lost my best friend and I don’t have the right to be upset? I’m sorry, but no, you just made things worse. Now, instead of easing some of the hurt you, someone I considered a friend, just added another weighted brick of guilt onto my heart. Thanks for that, but I think I’ll seek advice elsewhere from now on.

Inception: Blogging About Blog Post About Quotes

Okay, so unless you’re Mr. Wilson you probably won’t care about this post. Anywho, now I’m going to talk about other people’s blogs…so…bare with me for awhile.

Oh{fish}al Mermaid’s Quote

So, since she didn’t use her real name on her blog I suppose I won’t use her real name on mine. The first blog I posted on was Oh{fish}al Mermaid’s. I know she isn’t a super huge Doctor Who fan (or at least not as big as I am), but when I noticed she wrote about one of my favorite quotes I had to comment. So, what quote did she write about you ask? Well, that would have to be one by Amy Pond as she talks to the Doctor about why she loves Rory of course. Now, like my friend, I have to admit that my favorite part about this quote is how Amy describes her love for Rory, without faltering.

Marcela’s quote

Okay, so the second blog I read and commented on was that of Marcela. Also, this time you get to know her name, cuz guess what, it’s the name of her blog! Yay! Yes, I am friends with this person too, sorry I didn’t feel like branching out and looking at people I don’t know. So, I commented on her post about quotes as well (I liked this post too, sorry for repeating). The quote she choose was one by Dan Millman. Marcela talks about how she use to go to her mom when she was upset or anxious, but after a bad experience one time, she turned to the all powerful internet and started using quotes instead. I personally have never thought of using quotes to help with anxiety, but it sounds like could work. I really like the quote she picked because it’s so easy to connect with. When you’re feeling emotional, stressed, anxious or whatever, it’s okay to feel that way, just as long as you don’t let those feelings control you.