Inception: Blogging About Blog Post About Quotes

Okay, so unless you’re Mr. Wilson you probably won’t care about this post. Anywho, now I’m going to talk about other people’s blogs…so…bare with me for awhile.

Oh{fish}al Mermaid’s Quote

So, since she didn’t use her real name on her blog I suppose I won’t use her real name on mine. The first blog I posted on was Oh{fish}al Mermaid’s. I know she isn’t a super huge Doctor Who fan (or at least not as big as I am), but when I noticed she wrote about one of my favorite quotes I had to comment. So, what quote did she write about you ask? Well, that would have to be one by Amy Pond as she talks to the Doctor about why she loves Rory of course. Now, like my friend, I have to admit that my favorite part about this quote is how Amy describes her love for Rory, without faltering.

Marcela’s quote

Okay, so the second blog I read and commented on was that of Marcela. Also, this time you get to know her name, cuz guess what, it’s the name of her blog! Yay! Yes, I am friends with this person too, sorry I didn’t feel like branching out and looking at people I don’t know. So, I commented on her post about quotes as well (I liked this post too, sorry for repeating). The quote she choose was one by Dan Millman. Marcela talks about how she use to go to her mom when she was upset or anxious, but after a bad experience one time, she turned to the all powerful internet and started using quotes instead. I personally have never thought of using quotes to help with anxiety, but it sounds like could work. I really like the quote she picked because it’s so easy to connect with. When you’re feeling emotional, stressed, anxious or whatever, it’s okay to feel that way, just as long as you don’t let those feelings control you.


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