Fruitful or Futile?

Advice: good, bad, asked or not. Regardless of the circumstances, we’ve all either given or received advice. Now, I shall bequeath to you some advice I have received in my ever-so-many years spent on this planet.

Since people like to start off with the good, I’m gonna do just that. So, while trying to pick what piece of advice would be worthy of sharing with all you lovely people that somehow found my blog, I  decided going through old yearbooks would be a good idea. (First off, no, going through old yearbooks is almost always either bad or boring, or both) As fate would have it I picked my 8th grade yearbook. Now, this would mean nothing to you except for me, 8th grade is when I met someone who would become my best friend so…sorry, but it’s important to me. Okay, back on topic, in the back where everyone signs their name is where I found my first piece of advice I shall bestow onto you; and no, it was not written by a teacher. “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” Now I know that’s something other people, or everyone, has heard but that was given to me by an 8th grader (so like a 13 year old). But this is true, isn’t it? People don’t realize what they have until it’s gone. We get use to just having things around us that when they are actually gone (not just not around, physically, tangibly gone) we finally understand what it is that we’ve lost. I never realized how much I relied on my best friend, the person that gave me this advice, until I almost lost them from my own stupidity. It’s sad that it takes losing or almost losing someone to realize how important they are to you.

Now we will switch gears to the worst advice I’ve ever received. This one sadly has to do with a boy; although, the advice is not from that boy, it’s someone who is one of my friends. I don’t want to sound like a stupid teenage girl, but I kinda have to for this bit. When I broke up with my boyfriend, my best friend, I was upset. I couldn’t sleep or eat, it hurt to just get out of bed. What made it worse was that I didn’t have anyone to talk to because the person who always helped me through this was gone, and it was because I pushed him away. So I turned to one of my friends, who happened to also be friends with the boy. I shared everything, which I rarely do. She just kinda looked at me dumbfounded, and told me that I needed to think of him, that I was not allowed to be upset because I was the one that ended it and that since he was my best friend I needed to make sure I was there for him. Okay, first off I know I hurt him, thanks for reminding me of that. But I don’t have the right to be upset? Excuse me, when a relationship ends it doesn’t just shatter the romantics, it breaks the friendship. I lost my best friend and I don’t have the right to be upset? I’m sorry, but no, you just made things worse. Now, instead of easing some of the hurt you, someone I considered a friend, just added another weighted brick of guilt onto my heart. Thanks for that, but I think I’ll seek advice elsewhere from now on.


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