An Awfully Good Blog Post

Now, let’s talk about literary terms. I always have a hard time remembering definitions, yet after looking at examples I tend to realize, I actually use these without realizing it. So here it goes:


So, first I’ll give two examples people my age probably won’t recognize because I’m a jerk and it’s fun. Then, I will give two more common examples. Also, see what I did with the title? Awfully Good huh, huh? (Well, I thought it was clever).

First: The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel. Just the title itself is an oxymoron, sound of silence. Silence doesn’t have a sound, that’s why it’s called silence.

Second: It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night by the Beatles. I’m not sure if I really need to explain this one…Day’s Night. There you go, oxymoron.

Now I’ll give you some more common sayings that at least I have used. “I’m busy doing nothing” (No you’re not, you’re always doing something; you’re breathing, that’s doing something). The “Great Depression,” there is nothing/was nothing great about a/the depression. “Act naturally,” if you’re acting it’s not natural, it’s acting.

Next term, paradoxes…I’m still not sure what this is. Sorry, Mr. Wilson. Anyway, here it goes.


First: “For it rained all night the day I left; the weather was so dry.  The sun so hot I froze to death” from Oh Susanna (which was written in 1848). So, it rained yet it was dry and the sun was so hot that he froze? All of those are contradictory…so I’m gonna call paradox?

Second- “I close my eyes so I can see…I burn a fire to stay cool…Shut the door so I can leave” from Shut the Door by Fugazi. Everything in this excerpt is a contradiction. If you shut your eyes then you can’t see anything, if you light a fire you’ll warm up not cool down, and if you shut a door you can’t really leave the room…unless you’re a ghost, then by all means shut the door and leave.



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