Attention seniors. Before the merriment of commencement commences…wait, sorry that’s from Grease.

Let’s try this again, as I’ve probably said in a previous post, I am a teenager, and what do teenagers have to look forward to other than getting a driver’s licence and the wonderful process of apply for college? Graduation.

Yes, as Spring break approaches kids around the U.S. begin the gleeful journey towards Summer vacation, but for Seniors it’s different. As a Senior I get to look forward to my last Spring break as a high school student, which means I will most likely be sitting at home catching up on sleep and playing some video game (which right now would be Dragon Age Inquisition). But, as a Senior it also means that soon will come Ap testing, Prom and Graduation.

9a52447be4f3d0579129c7730da9116cEveryone tells you that as you reach the end of high school you’ll look back and start to miss things, but that’s not entirely true. Yes, I’ll miss seeing my friends everyday, and I’ll miss most, if not all of my teachers. However, school itself I will not miss. I’m looking forward to going to college; heck, in college I can wear pajamas to class! Can I do that in high school? No. Also, I get to pick when I eat lunch! No more with the school assigning me when I can and cannot eat and what a can and cannot eat!

After four years of hard work, late nights, and going to school with over a hundred degree fevers so I won’t have make-up work or absences, I finally get to walk the stage and get my diploma and be done with high school and the public school system! Besides, after graduation I get to go on an exciting trip across Europe before I head off to college.


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