Month: March 2016

Happy Easter!


I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend,I know I did. Also, I hope the Easter bunny brought you lots of wonderful things. I got an egg filled with dried fruit!


-The Easter Hog


So Many Choices…

So, I’ve been given a questions. On I’m not entirely sure how to answer, but here it is. What literary subject would you write about if you had the freedom to choose? 

First, I think I’ll address the smaller questions Mr. Wilson has imposed on me. If I had a choice, I think I’d pick either a novel or a short story to read. I’m not a big fan of nonfiction or poetry, so those are out of the question. Most of the books I have read for school have not really interested me. I know i life there aren’t happy endings, but when I read, I don’t want my stories to have a depressing ending. I don’t mind if they aren’t entirely happy, but most of the books we’ve read for school have no shred of happiness in the ending.

No, most of the stories that I have enjoyed reading haven’t been for school, they’ve been for pleasure. Most of those stories revolve around a seemingly ordinary character that have extraordinary events happen to them and yet, they overcome all of the obstacles to get their happy ending. While I do love a hero, stories about monsters and villains are also fascinating. During the summer I read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and while the story itself was a bit confusing, they way the author developed the characters was fascinating.

So, maybe that’s it? Maybe I’ll find a story about an impossible hero or a monster and write about how the author develops their character, how the struggles and tragedies they face shape them throughout the story. Is that an acceptable topic Mr. Wilson?

What’s In A Name, or Rather A Number?


First, since I have to write about this, what do YOU see in Pollock’s No. 1? Well, I can tell you right now, I see nothing. I have never understood abstract art, or modern art, or whatever you would classify this as. I don’t particularly like this painting, quite frankly I think this painting could be done by anyone with a brush, canvas, and some tubes of color. Don’t get me wrong, I love art; however, I modern. I don’t get ipollock1t. It looks like nothing. What’s the point of art if you can’t tell what the artist is/was feeling? What’s the point if you can’t tell what the painting was meant to do? Although, maybe that could be his point I suppose. This painting would be much more impressive if it were viewed in person; while I do believe that anyone could have made this painting the first time, I don’t think anyone could perfectly recreate Pollock’s chaos. I think that if this piece was viewed in person in it’s whole 6′ by 9′ glory, rather than it’s whatever inch by whatever inch online, it would be much more impressive. In person you could see the brush strokes, the splatter, the use of color and line; in person you could possibly see, maybe feel more of what the painter is/was trying to say.

Second, I must say I also don’t really like this either, is a poem by Nancy Sullivan titled Number 1 by Jackson Pollock (1948). Her poem, unlike this painting is rather short, but like this painting, it is lacking in detail. She talks about how the painting doesn’t have a real name, only a number. She talks about the chaos of the painting, the “maze” that the paint creates, and how all that is on the canvas is paint. By the end she says something along the lines of how are we to decide the painter’s question, let alone his answer. I feel sort of like that, what is the reason behind this painting? What is the painter wanting to ask, or say?