Month: May 2016

Good-bye English blog…

Dear 8 followers,

So, in my first post I told you that this blog was for my English class. However, now I am at the end of the school year and we are no longer writing posts as a requirement. Now that the year is coming to a close, I thought it only fitting to say good-bye. I will no longer be using this blog to make stupid puns or posts about random things I don’t care about.

No more. Now however, I will try and keep this blog for more personal use like: posting pictures of Sayuri, posting pictures of my art…and that’s all I’ve got. Sorry, I’m pretty boring. Anywho, since I will start college next year maybe I will write about that or I’ll just run out of any free time and will forget about this blog.


-Iratus Erinacius