Month: July 2016

Some Cliché Travel Title

So, I said I was going to try and keep up with my blog and since I’m going on my senior trip maybe I should write about it.

As of 4pm today I am leaving the United States and headed over to London, Paris, Lucerne, Florence and Rome. I can’t wait to explore, however since I don’t know any of the people I’m going with, this should be an interesting trip.

I may try and post while on the trip if I have free wifi, if not I’ll write more after so until then, bye for now.


Dear College Board,

All I wanted to do was check my Ap test scores. I typed in my username and password, ready to find out if I could skip Economics and Government in college. I clicked the enter button with anticipation and then…”we’re sorry but this username does not match any in our system”. Okay…so I go to forgot username, enter my email…”we’re sorry, but this email does not match any in our system.”

Now I think, okay maybe I accidentally closed the account. So, I can just make a new one, right? Wrong. I entered in all my information, used the same email and you let me make a new account. Only, when I went to get my test scores you wouldn’t let me because the “Ap number is linked with a different account and I must use that account to access my scores”.

Incomes an email with the same username I tried the first time. Okay, maybe I used the wrong password, so now I go to forgot my password only to be told that the “username” they just told me to use to get my score doesn’t exist and the email address is not in their system.

Well you know what college board, I’m happy this is the last time I need you. You were never helpful anyway.


A Very Angry Freshmen