Travel Etiquette

Okay, so recently I went on a group trip to Europe with a bunch of girls (ages 14-19) I had never met before. While most of them were wonderful people, two of them were rather…how do I put this nicely, extremely inexperienced travels. So, I thought I would try and politely write some tips for traveling in groups. So here we go.

  1. If doing a lot of walking or outdoor activities on your trip that cause you to sweat, make sure you shower!
    • This was a 14 day long trip and one of the girls only showered 3 times. We were walking about 6 miles a day and sweating a lot.
  2. If you are sharing a room with someone and want to talk to family members back home, don’t do it at 3 am, especially if you have to get up at 6.
  3. If you know members of your group are religious, don’t constantly make comments like “I don’t understand why you believe ______, it’s all nonsense anyway” or “why are you giving them money? It’s all just going to help the stupid church anyway”
  4. If there is a picky eater in the group, don’t ask them “are you actually going to eat that?” every time they buy food.
  5. Don’t randomly slip “Oh, that reminds me of the time I tried to kill myself” into almost every conversation.
  6. You can’t make friends with or please everyone, so don’t act all bitchy toward the whole group if one person doesn’t like you.
  7. Don’t apologize for something and then go back to doing whatever it is you apologized for.
  8. Don’t ask everyone else in the group how much they’ve spent/plan to spend on gifts/souvenirs/food
  9. If given a food that is usually eaten with a fork and knife, use them! Don’t eat your food with your fingers unless you’re suppose to.
  10. Also, don’t steal other people’s food unless they have offered it to you.

Okay, so maybe I wasn’t super polite in all of this and some…probably more, of my tips are a bit sarcastic but these are all based off of things that actually happened on the trip.


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