College Tips From A Fishless Fish

Okay, so I’ve previously stated that I was a senior in high school. As of yesterday I am a college freshmen (Fish). As a new college Freshmen I would like to give some tips to possible incoming freshmen about move-in day and the early days of college.

First pre-move-in day. If you did as I did and opted to room with a stranger then do I have some advice for you. First, contact them. Any way is fine but don’t leave them a hundred emails/voice mails/texts/whatever, no one wants that kind of roommate. Second, decide who is bringing what. You only need one coffee maker, one microwave, one bathmat, ect. If you both bring everything then one, if not both, of you wasted some money. Decide if you’re sharing a mini-fridge or if you’re getting your own. Also, shop around. Is it cheaper to rent or buy a fridge? Rent or buy your books? For me it was much cheaper to buy a fridge ($79.99) then rent one ($125), Granted I had to move it into my dorm, but still. Also, Amazon has a great textbook rental service, just fyi.

Next, the day-before move-in day. Make sure you’ve packed everything! It doesn’t matter if your family home is 20 minutes from campus, check and make cure you packed EVERYTHING (toothpaste, hand soap, toilet paper). You need more than sheets, pillows and wall decor for your dorm.

Move-in day. Bring help. Most likely you’ll have to make several trips so the extra hands will be a huge help. Also, if you’re as lucky as I was it will be pouring down rain on your move-in day. My advice, pack lots of trash bags to semi waterproof your belongings. (Emphasis on semi). I know rooming with someone you don’t know can be challenging but try and remember, they’re going through the same thing you are. Compromise on where stuff goes and who gets what area.

Now the most important part, time for me to explain the Fishless Fish part of my title. So, I am a freshmen, or as my University likes to call us fish, and living in the dorm I am only allowed to have one kind of pet and that is, as you might have guessed, a fish. However, I don’t own a fish and like any responsible adultish person would do, I read up on how to properly take care of a fish. So, I have an empty tank that is currently filtering water and tomorrow I get my fish!! I will most likely post about my fish tomorrow, so hold tight my 10ish followers, of whom only 4ish care, news about my fish is coming!


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