You know that feeling? When you look at someone and your insides start to flutter and you get so nervous you almost feel nauseated? In middle-school we called that feeling butterflies. But what is it called when you grow up?

What is that feeling you get when you see someone so perfect, so absolutely wonderful that just by looking at them your heart skips a beat. You look into their eyes and you can’t help but just wonder, how can there be someone so perfect in the world; and then you can’t help but just…smile. You don’t know why you do it either, you aren’t usually this happy. Actually, you’ve never felt this happy.  Being with them is like tearing the paper off a Christmas present and realizing it’s the one thing you’ve wished for your whole life.

Suddenly everyone around you is just a normal person and then you look at them and they are so much more. Just sitting with them makes the  stars shine a little brighter, just holding their hand takes your breath away. You can sit there in complete silence and the world just seems…perfect. But when you look at them and try to put what you feel into words…you draw a blank.

How can you put this feeling into words? You wouldn’t call it love, it’s too early for that, but you wouldn’t call it like either. Like is just too simple…too boring to describe how light your heart feels when that person is around or how you just wish you could somehow capture their perfection in any way possible but you know you could never get it right. You sit there and think on how you could tell them, how you should tell them…but with all the words in the English language, with all the words in the world you can’t find a single one that seems right.

What do you call it when you’ve known someone for less than a week but it feels like a lifetime? What do you say when just texting them can be the highlight of your day, or even just seeing them smile can turn your worst day into something magical? How could you possibly ever put something like that into words? Where would you even begin? What would you even call that feeling?

Would you call that butterflies?




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