Common Etiquette

Dear men of the world,

I don’t mean to sound bitchy, but I have to say this. When you’re dating a girl or even just hanging out with a female friend and it’s late at night what does common courtesy and common sense tell you to do? That’s right, walk her home.

I know in today’s world it’s not solely a man’s job to protect a woman anymore. Women can protect themselves now more than ever. I for one am perfectly capable of handling a knife and have taken more than one self-defense class. I know I can get myself from point A to point B safely if I stay alert and stay on edge the whole way there. I shouldn’t have to.

I don’t want a guy to walk me home because I’m scared someone is going to attack me along the way, I’m a fivs major, I know the odds of that happening. No, I want someone, guy or girl, to walk with me so that I don’t have to be on edge my entire way home. Like tonight for example, walking back to my dorm from the library I was carrying a pocket knife in my pocket just in case. Now, the walk is only maybe 12 minutes long, but at night that’s a long way to go by yourself. For about 9 of those minutes a somewhat questionable young man was following me, and as we drew closer to my dorm he drew closer to me. I casually pulled the knife out of my pocket and held it close to my side and he casually glanced down and jogged to the other side of the street. For all I know this young man was actually a very moral person who just happened to be walking at a faster pace than me and tried to pass me a little too close a little too late at night OR he was in fact a questionable young man who was planning on doing something to an unwitting young female until said female pulled a knife.

Normally during the day my walks to and from the library are pretty nice, tonight however was not the case. I was hanging out with 3 other people tonight, two guy and one girl. one of those guys happened to be the guy I am seeing who decided instead of study or walking me home he was going to goof off in the library until midnight. So, men of the world, the next time you’re hanging out with any woman late at night please, please walk her home so nothing happens to her. Not because it will, but because it could, and walking with her and offering her that bit of comfort and safety of not being alone along the way will be a big deal to her.


A rather frightened and extremely angry erinacius


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