I Wrote a Thing…

I am writing this in response to something a former teacher of mine had write for his class. I am going to try and so this as best I can, so here it goes.

Dear teachers,

You are so important. I know as I student we can be difficult, we can be psychopathic monsters and we can be angels. We have our days, and although we never realize it, you have your days as well. As a student, I know we complain. I can’t tell you the number of times I looked at a math problem and thought “why do I have to learn this? When am I ever going to have to know how to find the hypotenuse distance between a lighthouse and the ground?” I know you told me the art project was supposed to be fauvism and I fought you tooth and nail to make a normal landscape, I know when you gave us a group project you knew how much we hate them and tried to make it fun and easy. I know we hurt you, and I’m sorry.

Let me say this again, you are SO important. It is because of all the teachers I’ve had over the years that I am where I am today. I tried to be a good student, and I know I wasn’t always. I know on some days I added to your stress, I acted like a child when I should have acted like an adult. Looking back now I see how many sacrifices you make for each and every one of us, sacrifices we as students took for granted. You gave up sleep and sanity for us and we took it for granted. I know now that everything you did, even as unfair as it seemed at the time, you did for us. Your strict rules in class, your tough quizzes and test, all the stupid group projects and in class participation…wasn’t stupid or pointless like I thought.

I’m going to admit something I’ve never told anyone. Walking off the stage after graduation and seeing all the teachers I had the past four years standing there, waiting for me…I wanted to cry, and I rarely cry. I loved all of you so much, each of you helped me and changed me so much, and I never thanked you. I never really took the chance to tell you how much each and every one of you meant to me. I never bothered to think about how any of you felt at the end of the day, I never even considered how my indifference or boredom in your class might hurt you. I promise I never meant to, I promise that it wasn’t you. I loved each and every single one of you. My indifference, my boredom, my sadness and pain and anger were never geared toward you and if it ever felt that way I’m sorry.

You are important. Don’t let any student make you feel differently. You may never realize how you changed our lives, or even saved our lives, but you did. We learn right from wrong from our parents, we learn social interactions from our friends, but everything else, we get from you. A teacher is the one who taught me how to tie my shoes, a teacher was the one who comforted me when the kids I thought were my friends became my tormentors, a teacher was the one that helped me make new friends when I was the new kid in school, a teacher was the one who helped me through my first heartbreak, and a teacher was the one who noticed I was thinking of hurting myself. Everything I am, everything I know how to do is because of some teacher I had sometime during my life. You have more of an impact than you will ever know, please don’t ever forget that.


A very grateful student

P.S. If there are any errors in here I am sorry, its 2 am so I’m tired. One thing I did not learn from a teacher is normally sleeping patterns.


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