First There Was B…

The person I would consider being my first “crush” would have to be my 3rd grade best friend B (I don’t really remember his last name, sorry). We met on the school bus, the first day of school to be exact. He was already sitting when I got on and fate would have it he was also the only empty seat, or I guess the only empty seat that would let me sit next to him. I don’t remember much about B except that I was in 3rd grade and he was in 2nd. Our relationship was that of a schoolyard crush, the ones where you pretend to get married at recess or tell your parents that one day he/she is going to be your spouse, only we actually believed it. I remember on my birthday B giving me a little box with one of those $5 or less cubic zirconia rings that turn your finger green, I tried it on and it was to big but that didn’t matter I still told everyone B was my fiance and that he bought me the best ring that money could buy. After that birthday though, everything fell apart. We got into a huge fight over another friend I had on the school bus and he stopped talking to me, then he made more friends in his 3rd grade class and I finally made some friends going into 4th grade and we drifted apart. Finally one day I went to his house to apologize for everything and he was gone, him and his family had moved and he never told me. I should have apologized to you sooner B, it was a stupid thing to fight about but in the 3rd grade having anyone who wanted to be my friend was a big deal for me. I don’t remember much about B, but I do remember how much it hurt to know I would never see him again and that one day he probably wouldn’t even remember me. I mean, the only thing I have to remember him by is a cheap CZ ring that is now to small for me to wear.


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