My Regrets

Ok, so everyone has relationships they regret, I have several in which I never should have been in for obvious reasons you will soon find out. The next couple of posts I still don’t really consider to be real relationships though I will still include them.

So, my first major regret was in 7th grade with BB. I didn’t like him, like I had no feelings for this guy what-so-ever. Actually, I liked his friend DH but DH kinda talked me into dating his friend. When I was talking to DH I was completely convinced that he was going to ask me out and then all of the sudden he introduced his friend BB who then asked me out and I was in such a state of shock and disappointment that for whatever reason I said yes. I shouldn’t have. I should have let him down easy and gotten over DH. I mean, I had just said yes to dating a guy that before today I had never known existed. So, this relationship lasted all of like 2 weeks before I finally had to just tell the guy the truth. He of course told me I was a bitch for ever saying yes and that I deserved to be alone for the rest of my life, and maybe he was right. What I did was wrong, I should have told him from the start instead of dragging him along for 2 weeks. I’m sorry BB, but you know what, you were kind of a jerk to so maybe you deserved it as well.

After BB I had a second lapse in judgement with J (I can’t remember his last name and honestly I don’t want to). J rode my bus in 7th grade and he seemed really funny and nice, only after we started “dating” he went from being humerus funny to bat-crap-crazy where he that all of his actions were funny but everyone else didn’t. I think this relationship lasted about as long as the last one, I put up with him throwing things at me and taking my stuff and calling me names for about 2 weeks before I finally just ended it. He said I couldn’t take a joke. Well you know what J, I can take a joke, only yours weren’t funny.


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