ZB and the Technical First

So, since I’m being honest and going through everything I have to include the guys that technically claimed the title of boyfriend at the time, even if I don’t really consider them real relationships.

I moved to a new country, new town, new school, in 5th grade. Everything was okay, only by 6th grade I still didn’t have very many friends. So, as you can imagine when the semi-cute guy (ZB) from your math class starts flirting with you and then tells you he likes you, how else could I have reacted? I was ecstatic. When ZB finally asked me out I immediately said yes which, looking back now, I shouldn’t have. I didn’t really have feelings for this guy and both of us were too young to actually be in a relationship beyond friendship, which was what or “relationship” basically was. We rode the same bus home so we’d sit together and talk, after about a week of “dating” we finally held hands. I don’t really remember how long this relationship lasted, probably like a month, at most 2 months, which for two 6th graders that’s a long time.

No, what I do remember is the zoo trip, I was so excited because ZB and I had been put into a group together which meant I got to spend more than the 50 minutes with him in math and 30 minutes with him on the bus. Only, this trip was probably the worst school trip little 6th grade me would ever go on. The entire hour long bus ride to the zoo ZB ignored me and instead talked to this other girl in our group, and at the zoo…he walked with her, at lunch he sat at my table but never said a word, and on the bus ride home I was by myself. It was the beginning of the end; two weeks before my birthday and before the start of summer vacation he told me, in a letter, that we “had to break up because we wouldn’t make it through the summer.” Of course 6th grade me was heartbroken, the first guy to ever tell me he liked me had just dumped me. It wasn’t all bad though, while I mopped around for the next week in school my math teacher took notice. He pulled me aside after class one day and asked me what was wrong so I told him, and you know what, he gave me some of the best advice anyone has given me about a breakup.

One day you’ll look back on this relationship, on this breakup, and you won’t remember the pain, you won’t remember how he hurt you or how you cried, heck you may not even remember the name of the guy that did this to you. What you will remember is the friends that helped you get through it, you’ll remember the fun you had with the guy and how your first crush felt, and one day you’ll look back and you’ll laugh, wondering how you could have thought that your world ended when you were only 11.


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