Round 2: Proof I’m An Idiot

Okay, so I already have one post about TJ. This is my second post. Now, I first dated TJ in 8th grade and it went fairly well. The second time I “dated” him it was my freshmen year in college, it was pretty bad. So, how did this happen?

Well, during the Gig’em week (the first week on campus before classes start) TJ snapchatted me and asked if I wanted to get coffee, being the idiot that I am, I said yes. So he picked me up from my dorm and we went to one of my favorite coffee shops, I originally assumed we were meeting up as friends and just catching up for old times sake…I was wrong. We got to the coffee shop and we got up to order, I was fully intending to pay for my own drink so I was going to order a coffee shake thing which is like $4.25, not to bad. No, TJ insists on paying for me so I order my drink and you know what he says? “Wow, picking a pricey drink, huh?” Well sorry, I didn’t want you to pay for me anyway; I didn’t say that however and instead just kinda brushed it off. We sat down and started talking and I got caught up in the whole reminiscing about a past boyfriend, the sweet, innocent teddy bear I had my first kiss with. Don’t be fooled people, you broke up for a reason, time isn’t going to make the relationship any better.

Anyway, we talked for a good 3 hours and then he took me back to my dorm. We continued to see each other, going on dates and such and eventually he asked me out and since I couldn’t get my head out of the past I said yes. Well, round two with TJ lasted all of like three weeks? As we kept seeing each other and talking to each other I quickly learned he was definitely not the innocent guy I use to know. No, TJ is now a pothead, like a major smokes all the time pothead. He started telling me about how he goes out to parks in town and collects mushrooms and dries them and sells them so that he can have some money to buy more weed. Now, I have never done anything illegal in my life. I’ve never drinken under age, I’ve never taken any form of drug that was not prescribed to me, I’ve never even gone over the speed limit. I mean, I’m a forensics major, I’m doing everything in my power to stay on the right side of the law so some day I can help enforce that law…and here I am “dating” a guy who doesn’t give a damn about that law. He straight up told me he was high while driving and he got into a wreck and told his parents and the insurance company another driver ran him off the road.

In all technicalities he broke up with me because he “didn’t have time to be in a relationship,” however I asked to talk to him because I was going to break up with him and he figured that so he said, and I quote, “I thought I’d beat you to the punch”…so. Now I can say neither innocent or crazy TJ wanted me, but I didn’t really want them either.


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