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Love and Heartbreak

So, since it’s February and the holiday that people either love or dread is during this month, this month’s “Author’s favorite” will be a in honor of Valentine’s day.

I think I will start off on a happy note and do my favorite love song first. This song also just happens to come from my favorite musical, The Phantom of the Opera. Now that you know the name of the musical, I’m sure you can guess the name of the song. All I Ask of You  is probably my favorite love song because it’s sweet and sincere and a duet. It’s not just one person singing about their love for the other, it’s not one sided. Unlike most love songs you get to hear both people sing about how they feel towards each other.

Now, on a not as happy note I will do my favorite sad song. So, usually turn to Starts with Goodbye when I’m either in a melancholy mood or after a breakup. It sorta is a sad song while also being a eventually I’ll get over it and move on song so I feel like it’s fitting.


Author’s Favorite…

I realized that I’ve been writing on here for over a year and have yet to reveal much about myself other then I’m female, in college, and like hedgehogs. I have also realized that my posts have been getting emotional and I don’t want my whole blog to be about an emotional teenager so I’m going to try something new. Onc1af03adf8c57d1f85f3bc25d983d7cd6e a month, or however I see fit, I’m going to post about one of my favorite things or something I like. I will try and make these posts short but since this is the first time, sorry. So, let’s go with one of my favorite quotes, yes? Now, if you don’t know where this is from, or have never seen Doctor Who, then you won’t understand why this quote is so special. Since I don’t really feel like explaining it, I will let the Doctor himself do just that.