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Merry Christmas!


For Christmas I hacked my owner’s blog so that I could wish everyone a very merry Christmas. Now, which one of these presents is for me?




Happy Easter!


I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend,I know I did. Also, I hope the Easter bunny brought you lots of wonderful things. I got an egg filled with dried fruit!


-The Easter Hog

How To Spend The Weekend: According To Sayuri

It’s Friday night, the start of the weekend, but you don’t know what to do. Well,¬†I (Sayuri) am here to save the day (or night, or both). I have hacked my owner’s blog for the day just to give you some tips.

P.S. All you people are spending your weekends wrong.

Start by finding a nice shady spot to just sit down and relax.
Then, grab some buddies. If you don’t have any friends available, stuffed animals will work. (Human interjection, I’m not telling her that her friends aren’t real, I can’t bring myself to.)
Once you’ve got your entourage, head out to the movies; or gather your friends at someones house and watch some movies.
Once you get back home, it’s time for a bath. If you’re a hedgehog however, you’ll just stare at your human wonder how they could be so cruel as to put you in water. Oh the humanity!
Sit and dry off for about an hour, if you’re feeling tired this is the ideal time for a nap.
As revenge for the bath, start eating anything your human doesn’t want you to, like this grocery bag. It carries food so it must be edible, right?
Get some exercise at some point. Toilet paper tubes make for a fun hour of fun, especially when you can’t see where you’re going and just keep running into things.
If you’re gonna stay up late you’ll need some caffeine, or if you’re waking up early Saturday morning it works too. I on the other hand find waking at all to be a form of torture. After all, who doesn’t need like 23 hours of sleep after running in a circle for an hour?
Read the paper, or pretend to. Or you can just do what I do and prevent other people from reading it.
Try and refuse to put up with your human’s shenanigans.
But if your human is anything like mine, just give up and put up with her. If you do you’ll get a treat.
Finally, just sleep. Sleep is your best friend. Sleep is the greatest thing you can do over the weekend.
Hopefully these tips helped. Have a great weekend!  Signing off now.