Politely Opinionated

So, first I went to excessivelycaffeinated’s blog simply because the name is awesome. I read through several of their posts and then scrolled back up to the day the bomb dropped. First off, having a birthday that corresponds with the day the first atomic bomb was tested is pretty neat. Secondly, having a family member that actually witnessed it while just sitting on their back porch drinking coffee is amazing. Also, it’s kind of funny how their uncle sold pieces of glass that were created from the blast in his shop.

Secondly I went to ohlookatthatanotherblog. Other than Indiana Jones (yes I know it’s fake and that most of the “artifacts” he finds are legends, too bad I still like it) I personally have never been all that interested in archaeology. However, I decided to stop and read their Current Events post because it had weird puns about ocean currents (I know I’m a sucker for corny puns, get over it). Okay, so apparently on September 7th there was an announcement about the discovery of a structure (Durington Walls or “Super-henge”) that is 15 times the size of Stonehenge. While scientists aren’t sure how old it is exactly, it was discovered by a settlement that is dated at 4,500 years old, so they’re saying it’s approximately that old until they get any further information on it. Also, there were fossils found in the Rising Star Cave (in South Africa) that reveled one of our long lost cousins, the Homo Naledi. So far the Homo Sapiens were the only Homos known to do something with their dead; with the discovery of the Homo Naledi fossils however, it appears we are no longer the only ones.

Last but not least I visited Rubbish Semantics’ blog. I love to read how other people feel about writing, and I think I get some of what they were saying. First off when I write, half my letters end up in cursive and half are in normal print as well, so I’m kind of glad that there’s someone else out there that can’t figure out what font to write in either. Okay, so I have always wished I was good at writing stories and coming up with interesting characters. I love that they like to write stories, it’s something more people should try.


Partly Presidential

May 28th, 1998 a day where almost no important events happened, unless you count me being born or Phil Hartman being killed by his wife as important. However, let us take a journey back about let’s say 244 years, sound good? Now, why is May 28, 1754 important? If you’ve ever taken American history then you should now there was that little thing called the French and Indian War, is it coming back to you now? Okay good, now why is May 28th important to the French and Indian War; quite frankly, it’s not important, at least not to this war. No, May 28th 1754 is important not for the war, but for who fought on this day: Lieutenant Colonel George Washington. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I share a day with our first president, now aren’t I special.

Now, we all know General George Washington, leader of the continental army and the first president of the United States, but do we know Lieutenant Colonel George Washington, member of the British Army and man with no actual combat experience? No, we don’t, well I don’t anyway. So here it goes. On May 28, 1754 Washington, along with 40 colonial troops, were camping near a French garrison when he was ordered to go rescue some Native American allies who were threatened by French forces. Upon arriving to his allies aid, Washington (and his troops) and the Native Americans surrounded the 32 French soldiers and ended up killing 10, wounding 1, and then taking the other 21 prisoner. While this was a victory for the British it was seen as controversial because the French commander supposedly tried to surrender but the leader of the Natives Americans killed him anyway which then lead the other natives to kill 9 more French soldiers. After this incident, Washington resigned his army commission. But why is this battle so important? Well, it helped to give Washington some experience before he returned to military service in aid of the colonies as the leader of the Continental Army in 1775.

All the World’s a Stage…

As I was scrolling through Zen Pencils’ comics I came across All the world’s a stage and thought I’d stop and read it since it’s Shakespeare, and who can pass up Shakespeare? I’ve read these lines of Shakespeare before and they’ve never really meant anything to me. I mean, Shakespeare isn’t exactly the easiest thing to read and understand, just ask any other high school-er. However, as I was looking at the illustrations that went along with the words I think I actually understood at least some of what Shakespeare was writing.

In this world everyone has a part, and over time our parts evolve to take on new roles. But that’s just what the words tell. With Zen Pencils’ drawings you can see how: the boy grows into a man and how his life intertwines with other, how he then raises a daughter and helps his community and holds his grandchild, and eventually, dies. Although we are each acting out our own plays, our own stories, they connect with others to created one giant, interlocking play that is continuously performed on the world’s stage.

The Story of a Fingerprint.

The science of fingerprint analysis in the past has simply been this: dusting for prints, lifting them with tape, and then either looking through an electronic database or through hard-copy catalogs for a match. ArroGen Group, a forensic company located in North Carolina and the U.K., has created a new “…powder that contains sub-micron particles that adhere to the amino and fatty acids in fingerprint residue.” The process uses a mass spectrometer to scan the print; this process can determine the sex of the individual and whether or not the individual: use(s/d) drugs, smokes, or had touch either a gun or explosives. Not impressed yet? The new process of fingerprint analysis can identify all of that even if the fingerprint was left up to a month ago. How does it work you ask? Like this: “Scientists sprinkle the powder on the print at the crime scene, then remove it from the crime scene using lift tape. The samples are sealed and brought to the lab, where they are put into a mass spectrometer…it vaporizes and ionizes the particles in the powder and molecules in the fingerprint residue, enabling the machine to detect molecular profiles in the residue”. The new powder is more sensitive when analyzed; the mass spectrometer can pick up data in the presence of small amounts of material. To read the whole article (and I highly advise you do) click here: http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/security/a17172/your-fingerprints-are-about-to-reveal-a-lot-more-about-you/

Okay, so if you don’t find forensic science interesting, I’m sorry. May I just say that this is really cool? I’ve used the old fingerprinting powder before, it is really easy to smudge. Also, with the old fingerprinting analysis all you could do was use the print to identify a person; if you didn’t have their print to compare to, well you were kind of out of luck then. How cool is it that now the police can take print found at a scene and figure out if it belongs to a man or a woman? If the person did drugs (and a specific drug non the less)? If the person smokes? Or if they’ve been around a gun or explosives? I’m hoping to become a forensic scientist; even though I don’t know what I want to specialize in yet, I have to admit that this makes me super excited.

Writing Life…

Most of what I write is for school, even this blog was started for school. I do write a fair amount outside of school. Like any normal teenager I send text messages, and since I’ll be attending college soon I’ve been sending several emails for recommendation letters. Even though I have an email account (well, technically I have 3 now) I still like to write letters to people. I try sending letters to some of my overseas friends but instead of sending back a letter they just send me an email. I don’t really like communicating with people through texts or emails because it seems rather impersonal. I love hand writing letters because it requires more effort and shows that someone took the time out of their day to sit down and write you a letter as opposed to just pulling out their phone and typing a quick email or text.

I also keep a journal for the benefit of my own mental health. I started my journal my sophomore year when I was going through a mild depression. But after I got better I started using it to manage my stress as well. I’m a rather private person, so I don’t like talking about what’s bothering me so a journal was a perfect solution. I can vent my feelings into it and no one has to read it unless I want them to. I think that’s one of my favorite things about writing, I can use it as a form of self therapy.


Dear random person reading my blog,

So, this is my first post. Well…if you follow this blog most of what you will be reading is probably English related since that is what this blog was created for. I’m sorry. Anyway, we will see if I keep this up after I have finished the class or if I just completely forget that I have this since it will no longer be mandatory that I post on here. Once again I will apologize that most of what I write will probably just be me ranting or other random thing that most likely will only make sense to me. Also, I will probably make several references to random things I like, like hedgehogs, Doctor Who, video games, and random book references. So if you don’t like any of those thing oh well, you don’t have to read my blog.


iratus erinacius

P.S. The hedgehog in the picture is my hedgehog and I will probably end up posting a lot about her as well…sorry, I don’t have a life.